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Business for foreigners

If you are a foreigner looking for a legal help in Poland for your business or your company, LegalHero can help you solve all your problems. It is easy, it is simple, it is quick. 

LegalHero is a new, innovative concept on the market of Polish legal services. LegalHero prepares any document you may need in the course of proceedings before Polish courts and Polish administrative agencies.


LegalHero offers services in the following types of cases:

  • business incorporations

  • civil law (compensations and liability cases, debts, property rights, leases, contracts, etc.)

  • intellectual property law (trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc.)

  • criminal law

  • labor law

  • administrative law


LegalHero offers comprehensive assistance in visa matters for you and your employees - tourist visas, residence visas, legalizations of stay in Poland and in European Union countries.

If you are looking for a legal help in any personal matter, LegalHero is also glad to help you in these types of cases.


LegalHero is a quick, simple and beneficial way to get high quality legal help:

Legal advice - PLN 99.00.

Documents - starting from PLN 99.00, depending on the type of document.


Contact LegalHero for help with your case.


LegalHero team offers services in English and Spanish.

Legal advice

PLN 99,00 

Legal documents

starting from PLN 99,00